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Prepare yourself properly for Lánzate. Get familiar with dates, hours, venues, artists, speakers, partners and more. Read through the information and get in touch if you have any questions.


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What 's Lánzate?

Lánzate is a political and cultural festival for Latinx change makers, brought to you by Mijente. Gente from the front lines of la lucha y el perreo come together at Lánzate for connection and entertainment. It is for Latinx and Chicanx people who seek to build social movement and community that is pro-Black, pro-LGBTQ, pro-worker, pro-immigrant, pro-planet and rooted in self determination.

Dive deep into political conversation, explore multi-media experiences featuring trending Latinx initiatives, dance, or peruse the feria de vendedores — each night brings opportunities for pop up parties and events. Take part in whatever feels right to you! Along with our compas in Philly, we’ll celebrate our culture and poder through art, music and food.

Why Philly?

Lánzate is a critical gathering for progressive movements in the United States and Puerto Rico. Latinx people are one of the fastest growing demographics and the youngest one. 

Pennsylvania is a critical battleground in the fight for democracy and Philadelphia is a major site of potential mobilization for Latinx communities. Lánzate will bolster efforts to mobilize and organize Latinx folks in PA.

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